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At Shone Wealth Management, we take a uniquely personal approach to investments and financial planning.

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Wealth management goes beyond the numbers. It’s personal — and at times, even emotional. Your financial journey is one that will likely evolve and change as your life, priorities, and goals shift throughout the years.

Do you want a financial advisor who sees you for who you are — not just a face in the crowd or a number on a portfolio pie chart?

Do you want the freedom to enjoy the people, things, and experiences that are important to you today, along with security and stability down the road?

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Your Life Riff

Are you ready to secure your financial future and maximize your full wealth potential?

At Shone Wealth Management, we empower families and couples, women of influence, and entrepreneurs and executives to achieve success with our advanced financial planning process and commitment to customized service and attention.

Our personal approach enables our clients to feel confident and anxiety-free about their ability to thrive financially well beyond retirement.


We serve professionals and executives who don't only build businesses — they build communities. Our clients cover the diverse industries and innovations in the Bay Area, and have sophisticated wealth management needs like equity compensation.


We help women of influence connect life and money while balancing the many hats they wear – from climbing the corporate ladder and breaking through the glass ceiling to starting businesses, mentoring, running families and caring for elderly parents.


We serve families and couples who tend to have a high level of financial complexity in their lives. They serve as the stewards of their extended families and appreciate a concierge in the financial and estate planning areas of their lives, as they accumulate and preserve wealth.


Trust planning and management
Wealth transfer
Estate tax planning
Endowments and foundations


Tax loss harvesting
Strategic rebalancing
Retirement plan contributions
Tax-efficient investing


Asset allocation
Lump sum distribution advice
Equity compensation
Employment benefit planning


Investment planning
Investment risk management
Investment tax planning
Asset allocation
Lump sum distribution advice
Equity compensation
Employment benefit planning

Your Dreams. Your Way.

What Makes Us Unique

Shone understands that whatever your position or role you play, you are unique and deserve an advisor that respects and supports your individuality while also tailoring your financial wellness plan to impact what’s most important to you.  This leaves you confident in your plan and Shone’s “client first” interest.

We practice proactive planning that guides our clients through the intricacies of financial wellness – both in life and business – and partner with you by picking up the reigns whenever necessary, and transforming complexity into simplicity. 

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