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Smart, disciplined, tax-efficient, and diversified. Our approach is driven by time-tested principles for investment success.


A long-term strategy is the key

At the end of the day, your future financial goals are the reasons why you are investing in the first place — whether you’re hoping to secure an early retirement or wish to pay for your children’s college education in full. A long-term strategy is the key to a more rewarding (and less stressful) investment experience.

That’s why our approach to investment and asset management is grounded in a steady, disciplined process that is catered toward the big picture. No market timing. Not “hot stock” picks. We abide by an investment process and guidelines that help us navigate through both difficult and strong moments in the financial markets:

Mark Shone and team who provides fiduciary investment management advice.
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When you partner with Shone Wealth Management, you can expect our investment and asset management process to include:

Investment Risk Management

We design a portfolio that reflects your specific risk tolerance characteristics, and we utilize rebalancing and ongoing consultation with you to make sure it continues to match your goals and life stage.

Employment Benefit Planning

Wealth Management understands that a well-structured benefit plan can help you retain key employees and reduce costs associated with turnover. We can also help you integrate any plan you may be participating in with your overall financial and investment plan.

Equity Compensation

Whether you need expert advice on structuring an employee stock purchase plan for your business or on the best way to exercise your options or take distribution after vesting, we can guide you every step of the way.

Investment Tax Planning

We utilize tax-efficient distribution strategies to help retirees minimize the IRS bite on their income. We also incorporate tax-loss harvesting, when appropriate, to ease the annual burden on taxable investment accounts. We also help clients create strategies to take advantage of the different characteristics of their tax-advantaged accounts: IRAs and 401Ks (traditional and Roth), pensions, and other plans. Finally, we guide clients approaching retirement to minimize the amount of their Social Security benefits subject to income tax.

Lump-Sum Distribution Advice

We help you make smart, tax-efficient decisions about taking lump-sum distributions from your employee plan, qualified plan, pension, deferred annuity, and other accounts.

Asset Allocation

At Shone Wealth Management, the asset allocation strategy for your portfolio directly reflects your unique investment strategy, risk tolerance, and stage of life.


Our Philosophy

Our disciplined, long-term investment philosophy is an extension of our planning approach. We custom-build portfolios that perfectly align with your needs and goals, all within low-cost, tax-efficient structures.

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