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Get the tax-savvy advice and strategies you need to keep more of the wealth you have worked hard to build. 

Tax planning is integral to your overall financial health

Tax laws and regulations are continually changing, evolving, and growing more complex. The tax code can become even more confusing for individuals, families, retirees, and business owners who have accumulated significant amounts of wealth.

At Shone Wealth Management, we believe that tax planning is integral to your overall financial health. Not only is it important to incorporate tax-efficient tactics and strategies into your financial plan, but it is also imperative to consider how taxes could affect your investment returns over time. We work with a team of experienced, credentialed tax professionals to ensure that our clients’ plans are fully optimized to help them keep more of their earnings and growth their wealth for the future.

From an investment standpoint, we also incorporate tax-loss harvesting and regular rebalancing into our approach to ensure our clients are making the most tax-smart decisions no matter what’s happening in the markets.


Shone Wealth Management can help you take advantage of tax-advantaged accounts, smart gifting strategies, trusts, and other tools and techniques to mimimize the impact of taxes on your estate, both annually and upon the passing of the estate to heirs and other beneficiaries.


At Shone Wealth Management, we intend to be an integral member of your financial team. This means that we work closely with your tax, legal, and other advisors to ensure that your financial plan and investment strategies accurately reflect the big picture.


Our client-first, fiduciary approach to investment and asset management ensures that we utilize the most cost- and tax-efficient strategies to maintain and, when possible, enhance the value of your portfolio. By giving you access to the latest evidence-based investment research, we keep you informed and up-to-date on market trends and financial strategies. Using your unique information, goals, and investment characteristics as a guide, we help you develop an investment and asset allocation model that reflects your specific situation, and we carefully rebalance as needed to keep your financial ship in trim. When appropriate, tax-loss harvesting allows us to leverage temporary losses into longer-term benefits for your portfolio.

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